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Our Story

JungleGurl | Bio

When it comes to my inspiration for creating JungleGurl I had to look no further than my family…specifically my parents. Each represents a core value of JungleGurl. My dad, Jungle, is one with the water. Surfing is his art but the beach is his soul. My mother, came from a more traditional, Norman Rockwell-ian background. Though they originated on opposite ends of the spectrum, their union was forged on the common ground of both being uninhibited souls. And that is how JungleGurl was conceived. The marriage of island culture to classic Americana with a large dose of that uninhibited free spirit. That’s what makes JungleGurl for everyone.

Within all of us there is that pull that longs to be a part of something…longs to belong. No…not in the cookie cutter sense. Because, we are all unique and I believe that what you wear can help express the rarity of (y)our existence. But when you wear JungleGurl, you are honoring the past. And though we do mass production, an essential part of what we create are one of a kind pieces, crafted from vintage fabrics. It is this heritage that informs us. It is this heritage that, once you wear it, immediately welcomes you to become part of the JungleGurl family. A family of strong, fearless, loving and joyful human beings that just so happen to have an authentic style of their very own.